Tim Ferguson Sauder
Director, Designer, Consultant
Tim's job titles include associate professor of the practice in design at Olin College, design consultant and design educator. As the Director of Return Design he brings to the studio more than 15 years of industry experience. Whether creating interactive content for FedEx, crafting online visuals for MTV or working with students to build an identity for a nonprofit his commitment to the work is the same. Tim's design firm - asmallpercent - has also provided him the opportunity to be work with numerous national and international brands and organizations.

Steve Dagley
2006 to 2016 - Return Alum Mentor, Web Master, Designer
Steve leverages the internet in new and exciting ways every day. He also happens to be a designer, illustrator and photographer. Don't even get us started on Steve's many talents. He's a real renaissance man and luckily his desk is located in our studio. When not running Gordon College's online presence he can be found answering questions in the RD studio and weighing in on all things design.


Brooke Fryer
2014 Fall - Designer
Whether she's working in Swaziland or right here at home in the studio, Brooke's design packs a punch. When not in the studio, she can be found hanging out in local coffee shops, listening to sweet hipster tunes, or throwing down sick moves on the dance floor.

Chapman Bettis
2014 Fall - Designer
Chapman's aesthetic shows through in everything he does. He demonstrates the same attention to detail in his design work that he shows in a rebuild of a fixed gear bike or the direction of a photoshoot for a campus publication. Whatever the project - you can rest assured that every aspect will be considered and designed.

Sandev Handy
2014 Fall - Designer
When he's not traveling to Ireland or Croatia or Sri Lanka, Sandev is designing. He's involved in everything he can get his hands on and that sort of experience shows in his work. Our only problem in the office is keeping up with all the projects he's got going on at once.

Abi Flynn
2014 Fall - Designer
Abi should not be able to do the work she's doing in Return Design. One of the few interns we have had that is successfully interning here in the studio while simultaneously taking Design 2 - her ability to produce high quality work beyond her years has been a huge bonus to us and our clients this year in Return Design.

Brett Johnson
2014 Fall - Project Manager
Brett does a variety of things in our studio...from writing content, to editing this website, to creating schedules, Brett helps keep things organized. If he's not in the studio, he's probably at one of his several weekly swim practices.

Rafael Tamae
2014 Spring - Designer
Rafael is hard to capture in words alone. Lets just say that he is a force of nature. That goes for design jobs as well as the overall atmosphere of the office. We're not sure how Brazil feels about giving him up for a year, but we're sure happy that they did.

Brooke Fryer
2014 Spring - Designer
Whether she's working in Swaziland or right here at home in the studio, Brooke's design packs a punch. When not in the studio, she can be found hanging out in local coffee shops, listening to sweet hipster tunes, or throwing down sick moves on the dance floor.

Nick Carmer
2014 Spring - Designer
Nick brings a little bit of his work with him everywhere he goes - often that's in the form of spray paint somewhere on his hands, but it also shows up in his design work. His hand-painted street art gives his work a nice edge but it doesn't stop him from cranking out clean icons or modern logo options for our partners in Africa.

Jeb Perkins
2014 Spring - Designer
Jeb's background in event planning and video shows up in his ability to conceptualize and strategize. We've seen him brand a whole community event for a nearby town while simultaneously directing a film. And even with all that going on he still has time to critique Tim's Instagram feed.

Becky Blizzard
2013 Fall - Designer, Curator
Whether sketching architecture in Italy or rebranding a museum Becky brings a cool head and solid designs to any problem. (We also happen to know that she's got some sweet moves on the soccer field.)

Josh Squires
2013 Fall - Designer, Gamer, Philosopher
Josh is a design intern at Gordon College. More info to come…

Melissa Birch
2013 Fall - Designer, Alaskan Explorer
Melissa is a design intern at Gordon College. More info to come…

Schuyler Anderson
2013 Fall - Designer, Type Nerd
Schuyler has been known to shred….on more than one surface. Skate, surf, or design, give this guy a destination and see what happens.

Tyler Ostrander
2013 Fall - Designer, Painter, Sculptor, etc...
Tyler is a design intern at Gordon College. More info to come…

Sarah Polihrom
2013 Spring - Designer
This semester Sarah is the senior designer of the group. An aspiring artist/graphic designer, her fashion sense is something to be highlighted as she consistently puts together trendy outfits and combinations that are sure to catch your eye. Just as meticulous in thought, she is an insightful person who has a lot to say not only about fashion and design but also about her many other passions. She loves the outdoors, music, small gatherings, and virtually anything made from wood (all of which inspire and influence her work as a designer). Sarah loves simplicity and it's certainly evident in the clean and orderly designs she puts together. With her coffee in hand, she's ready to take on any design project you throw her way!

Jeremy Nelson
2013 Spring - Designer
From a distance it's hard to tell whether Jeremy is more passionate about lacrosse or design. The aggressive, physically challenging nature of the sport is offset by the relaxation of designing and this certainly shows through in his personality. On the field he's not the type of guy you want running at you, but off the field he's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.

Rachel Parker
2013 Spring - Designer
Here's what you need to know: Rachel, also known as Ray, has really cool hair. She's a junior Design major with a minor in Non-Profit Organization Management and Social Entrepreneurship. Her obsessions include geometric prints and bright colors, which can be seen by their integrations into her simplistic and modern designs. A modest and thoughtful person, she's always looking to see how she can help with different things in and around the studio. When she's not in the studio, you can find her drinking coffee while simultaneously satisfying her addiction to Pinterest.

Josh Lopez
2013 Spring - Project Manager, Copywriter
If you ever call him “Joshua,” he’ll assume that the following two statements are true:

A) You are his mother.
B) He is in trouble.

A Communication Arts major in his junior year at Gordon, Josh is the writer of the group. Though quiet at first, it doesn’t take long for him to come out of his shell and become completely immersed in the community with which he interacts. Playing (or watching) basketball, listening to music, and eating good foods are but a few of the things you’ll find atop his list of hobbies. Some of the easiest ways to push his buttons are to write to him with intentionally misspelled words, bad grammar, or all of the above. An alternative option would be to prod him about why he doesn’t wear the color yellow.

Michela Kendrick-Tedesco
2012 Fall - Designer
This is Michela's first semester working at Return Design, and she couldn't be more excited! A senior art major ready to leap into the design world and put her skills to the test, she comes armed with a love of color, sleek typography, and simplification. When not in the studio, you can find Michela playing with negatives in the darkroom, or searching for cats to pet.

RJ Papaleo
2012 Fall - Designer
When you see RJ with his headphones on, rocking out to some music, and looking closely at his computer screen, you can assume he is either creating some serious dance music or that he is pumping out some sweet design work. When it comes to design, RJ likes to move forward while looking back - drawing a lot of inspiration from vintage ads, album covers, & movie posters. So the next time you see RJ walking by with his backwards hat and black kicks, know that he'll be happy to DJ your next dance party or whip up some design work for you.

Dillon Coleman
2012 Fall - Designer
Dillon is a senior design major here at Gordon and a varsity baseball player.
He enjoys long walks on the beach and Kiwis (the small flightless bird, not the fruit). As far as actual design goes, his favorite fonts are Bebas, Helvetica, and Neue, and he loves simple bold colors with large white contrast.
Geeky, Athletic, and Bold.

That's who he is and what he does.

Rachel Montanaro
2012 Fall - Designer
Known as the “aesthetics freak” by her family, Rachel is always on the prowl for well-designed artistic work. Her creative element also influences her deep interest in music. You can find Rachel listening to groovy classic rock or her modern dubstep and electronica. You may also find her in the company of her beloved pet rabbit, named Logan. Her quiet and serious personality often causes people to become surprised by her random bouts of qurkiness. Nonetheless, whatever project it is, Rachel's idealist and empathetic nature will provide you with her personal best for your non-profit organization.

Brit Huber
2012 Fall - Designer
Brit is a part time designer and photographer, and full time coffee enthusiast. You can generally find Brit sitting in her go-to Starbucks or a quaint local cafe as she slips away to her inspirational realm, listening to acoustic covers while scrolling through endless pages of design and fashion blogs. Brit's style is modern with a vintage twist, and it can be seen both in her personal style and her work. Think Mondrian meets Art Nouveau. Or Alexander McQueen meets Ray Gatsby. Whether you need a sleek, modern graphic for your website or a 60's inspired concert poster for your band's next gig, Brit is your go-to girl.

Brandon Wood
2012 Spring - Designer
Don’t let Brandon’s quiet, laid-back demeanor fool you. Give the kid a computer and a mouse and step back... his skill will blow your mind.

Katie Heideman
2012 Spring - Project Manager, Copywriter
Katie is all about matching quality design with the perfect words. She has a knack for finding the best way through clutter and chaos, and is by far the least-hipster (and therefore, least cool) intern in the studio.

Andrew Harris
2012 Spring - Designer, DJ
Need a cardboard fire extinguisher built? Looking for legit (aka not Top 40) music? Need some tight, edgy design? Andrew’s your guy.

Erin Bousefield
2012 Spring - Designer
Erin can be spotted rocking Timberlands with floral tops - which happens to capture her diverse design ability, too. She does classy, with a twist.

Tom Wholley
2011 Fall - Designer, Magician
When not listening to dubstep music or dreaming about playing in the NHL. Tom can be overheard talking about Star Wars and doing card tricks that are real enough to freak out everyone that he works with.

Monika Krahn
2011 Fall - Designer, Rice Cake Enthusiast
Don't let her fool you, Monika may seem nice and approachable but give her a mouse and a screen and she throws down some serious pixel power.

Katie Heideman
2011 Fall - Project Manager, Copywriter
Katie is the one that keeps things running here in RD. She helps keep things on track, rewrites things like all of these bios, and gives our clients the voice they need to most effectively communicate their message.