Chief Greenfields Evangelist, World Vision - South Africa Region

“Working with Return Design was a great experience for me and my cross-cultural team here with World Vision International - Southern Africa Region. We had a challenging task to come up with a logo that would be consistent with World Vision's identity, but be completely representative of the local ownership World Vision fostered in the rural African villages we serve. The engaging process that Tim and Return Design guided us through was meaningful and appropriate, and brought us to a place where we really believed we had come to better understand our team's goal as well as having a great logo. I would highly recommend the work and partnership of Return Design.”


Director of Online Marketing, 1-800-flowers

“We really liked the presentation and creative concepts Return Design provided for 1-800-flowers.com, and loved the fact that we could work with your students to achieve our charity goals. It’s very exciting to see how you have come up with a way to support non-profits and help students to hone their craft while making the world a better place.

My team runs display here at 1-800-flowers.com, so I see my fair share of design, and work with a few big agencies to whom we pay millions to come up with new concepts for each major flower holiday. The design you provided was some of the best work we saw this year. In short, we were very impressed.”


Design Intern, Return Design

“In past internships I've worked, I've never been given as much responsibility as I have been at Return Design. From the initial client meeting straight through to the final designs, Tim gives us students an amount of control that we would never have the opportunity to experience otherwise. Return Design also has given me a unique perspective on how graphic design can have a positive impact on people and organizations that are doing great work in their communities and the world.”


Director, Office of Community Engagement at Gordon

“People in the City of Lynn still stop me on the street and rave about the work that comes out of partnership with Gordon’s Return Design office. From a new logo at East Coast International Church to product research and design consultation for a Lynn startup cookie company, Return Design has proven to be enthusiastic and creative supporters of our community partners on the North Shore, building a reputation of excellence with every project. The work on the Martin Luther King breakfast in Lynn was just outstanding! Taking ideas from the youth of Lynn, design students crafted a new image and marketing materials for this important community event. The highlight of the event was the image of Dr. King created out of the fingerprints of Lynn citizens. Thanks to the work of Return Design the Lynn community was able to celebrate MLK Day with a renewed sense of hope!”


Design Intern, Return Design

"I’ve only been working at Return Design for a few months, but it has already inspired and challenged me as a designer. Working with real-life clients as a college student is invaluable, and having the ability to collaborate with other designers is exciting and fun. Already, I’ve told many people that through Return Design, I’m doing what I can foreseeably see myself doing for the rest of my life: design, enabling people visually, and building relationships through the creative process.”


Executive Director, CIVA

“After 30 years of organizational history, Christians in the Visual Arts needed to update its logotype and brand identity. With that objective before us, we sought the help of Tim Ferguson Sauder and his team at Return Design. We were very pleased with the clean and contemporary design that resulted, so much so that we called on Tim and his team to help us with a second project – the graphic identity for our national Biennial Conference. When working with Return Design, expect good collaboration, quick turn around, and innovative thinking.”


Project Manager Intern, Return Design

“Return Design has taught me the importance of good brand recognition and market research even within a non-profit context. These lessons will be extremely valuable in the future as I seek a vocation that allows me to serve the greater social good.”


President, Influence International

“Return Design has been an invaluable gift to our organization. We have been in existence for 25 years in India, but Return Design gave us the "face" we needed to better promote and involve others in our international holistic development work on a much broader scale. Through good design, we have been able to more clearly communicate the great work and vision we have for further development. They consistently work with excellence and Tim is training artistically skilled designers with a keen desire to meet the needs of the client.”