Schuyler started working in Return Design during the Fall of 2013. He was heavily involved in the production of printed materials for our client Forgotten Voices. He also took part in a social engagement project that traveled to MoMA in New York City.


Schuyler strikes a unique balance between businessman and natural artist. He has always liked things organized, but he is also extremely creative. Working with Forgotten Voices taught him what it means to start from scratch. FV was searching for a completely unique piece, forcing Schuyler to create something from the ground-up. Rather than having something pre-built for him, Schuyler had to envision something new. In doing so, he combined his passion for sign painting and typography into the design.


After graduating from Gordon, Schuyler headed south to Nashville, Tennessee. He joined his brother Will to co-manage a social enterprise start-up. Salemtown Board Company builds handmade skateboards and employes youth from inner city Nashville. The mission is two-fold: equip customers with high-quality gear and mentor kids from the Salemtown neighborhood. The brothers desire is to build a business that is a blessing in their community.

Return Design taught me that good design is about more than just making things look good. It’s about making things attainable and understandable for a specific audience.
— Schuyler Anderson

Through this experience, Schuyler has already seen the impact of his internship in RD. "Return Design really taught me how to start from scratch. That serves as an extremely valuable lesson to me now in the start-up world where things change everyday and the message I am building through my design needs to be tailored for different audiences." Schuyler's work has helped Salemtown Board Co garner national attention from CNN, Fox, CBS, and others. As the brand continues to grow, the brothers seek new opportunities to serve as a positive influence in their community.